Escapism is vital to survival, and movies and tv shows are sometimes an easier way to escape than a book. So is writing a blog post about favorite movies, when I should do something more productive. But there’s nothing like finishing up a day of giving piano lessons, to students who haven’t practiced, by writing an escapist blog post. Here, then, are some favorite movies and tv shows, in no particular order, and why I like them.

The Princess Bride-I first watched this as a school assignment for the fencing. It intrigued and puzzled me then, and now I love the writing, love the acting, and love the message about true love. It was probably one of the first movies I didn’t cringe at the kiss at the end.

Princess of Thieves-I have watched this so many times, I have clips I can watch in my head. Robin Hood, Keira Knightley, good soundtrack, and a bittersweet ending that is not typical Disney. The ending gets me every time, when Gwen and the prince walk away from each other.

The Swiss Family Robinson-I loved the book, and while the movie is far, far away from the themes and characters of the book, I still love the movie.

A Knight’s Tale-This one is hard to admit to liking, but I enjoy it. I like the music, I love the characters, but it’s really the conversations that get to me. There’s theological insight, too.

August Rush-Beautiful music, beautiful love story. And amazingly shows the impact one night can have on the rest of your life, and the lives of future generations, in a way that i heartrending and hopeful.

Amazing Grace-This one I need to watch more often. When I lose perspective on what one person can do to bring God’s love to the world, this is the movie to watch. And it doesn’t hurt that Ioan Gruffudd is in it, either.

The Man from Snowy River-This was probably one of the first ‘grown up’ movies my parents let me watch, possibly because ‘it’s about horses.’ It’s about a lot more than horses, including the scenery and score.

Ocean’s Thirteen-For the short, brilliant scenes and perfect dialogue. Not a word is out of place, not an action is unnecessary, which is perfect for a heist movie.

Father Brown series on BBC-The first episode was, in my humble opinion, the one G. K. Chesterton would have approved of the most, and everything else went downhill from there. But that doesn’t stop me from watching it every week I remember it’s on.

Leverage series-I admit to watching reruns all day, every Sunday when it’s on. The characters are great, and it’s fun to watch them grow over the seasons. Watching the first season, first episode and the last season, last episode back to back is fun.

M*A*S*H* series-I haven’t watched this in a long time, but I liked the sarcastic, dark, intelligent humor. I liked how one moment you could be laughing, and the next crying, and that was life. Because that still is life.

Inside Out-Because this was my life, as a pretty happy go lucky kid who suddenly had to deal with a lot of new emotions,moving, and life being turned inside out and upside down. So maybe it’s not escapism, but looking for a point of connection.

Ramona and Beezus-I admit, I have not read the book. I would like to read the book. I love this movie. It’s just good, clean, fun, and good, clean, romance.

Brooklyn-For the romance, for the costuming, and for the ability to slip into the shoes of an immigrant for a little while, and come to terms with the idea of moving away from family. And because of the Irish singer at the Christmas dinner scene.


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